On a jealous boyfriend

I still work for my ex’s company, and I make good money and damn good connections doing so (hey, it’s LA). It’s at-home and part-time, and I don’t talk to him much, but my current boyfriend likes to throw a hissy fit every time ex’s name pops up on my phone. I do nothing but give him reassurance that our relationship is strictly business, but he’s like an insecure puppy and will give me the silent treatment whenever I’m in work mode. Plot twist: I cheated on ex WITH current boyfriend. So I guess that’s where the trust issues lie. What the hell should I do, Coke? Do I really have to quit my job?

Fuck no.

Tell your stupid boyfriend to mind his own fucking business. Tell him that if he doesn’t trust you to have a working relationship with your ex, then tough titties. His delicate male ego and petty jealousies don’t get one ounce of priority over your ability to earn.

Don’t put up with hissy fits. Scold the shit out of him when he acts like a little bitch, and if you feel like twisting the knife, tell him that if you were ever really gonna cheat on him, it wouldn’t be with the guy you cheated on with him.


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