On a proper goodbye

Thanks for the good moments. I’m deciding it’s time to quit you- it’s taken me quite a while but I’ve realized that I need to get past reading your touchy yet hypocritical, faux-politically correct perspective that reminds me too much of the double standard upheld by the diehard social justice kids in college.

You are the clever, highbrow intellectual + lowbrow snark manic pixie dream girl that never fails to get tumblr wet. I totally get the appeal and the hero(ine) worship, having fallen for it myself for a spell. But it’s time for me to grow the fuck up and decide what’s right and wrong for myself instead of blindly lapping up what you say. I’m starting over in a way, and it’s time for me to stop living vicariously through your fever dream of a life and get that it’s not actually what I want nor what I can have, and start completely living my own life.

I’m glad I found you to be able to inch my way out of this dark space of being lost and helpless, and to realize now that I don’t need it anymore. You really are excellent at the relationship and life direction stuff, but I’m finding I can’t make myself agree with your social arguments anymore (a damn good thing for me!).

Thanks for writing and for this blank space to work out my head space. Best of luck to you with the rest of it all.


Best of luck to you as well. Thanks for reading, and thanks for taking the time to write. I’m impressed by your ability to talk just enough shit while sincerely expressing gratitude. Clearly, you learned something.

Usually this is the part where I tell you to stay wild, but it’s not like you’ve got a fuckin’ choice, so just go have yourself a lovely life.

Now get the fuck on out of here.


One thought on “On a proper goodbye

  1. Chris says:

    Love this response. A mark of true intellect and healthy self-confidence.

    It reminds me of a talk radio host I used to enjoy – Neal Boortz. With the exception of overly religious people, he’d intelligently disagree with people rather than use the mute button the moment they hit a talking point. On one call he concluded it by saying, “It seems we’re at an impasse.” The caller laughed and agreed, and he thanked the guy for calling, telling him he hopes to talk to him again. Classy, if I ever saw it.

    Just found your site the other day and will probably read through it in a week or so. Enjoying it very much as I work my way backwards.

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