On picking your battles

I am addicted to You Tube beauty vids (I know) and one creator, Coffee Break With Dani constantly refers to “hookers” “prostitutes” “lady of the night” and “cholas” in a negative and unflattering way. I’ve left her comments about how shitty it is (in a respectful way) and how often sex workers sometimes (not always) are either victims of abuse or exploitation, etc but she just says something really shitty in return. I know I could just not watch or not comment but I wonder if there is way I could get her to understand that she comes off as super ignorant and insensitive.

Stop it. Just stop.

You’re never going to change someone’s mind by scolding them from the comments section, especially the rambling, candy-headed personification of a Forever 21 knock-off. (Honestly, how do you even tolerate ten straight minutes of that shrill twit?)

Don’t waste your time trying to “get her to understand.” She’s made it clear that she doesn’t give a fuck about your politically correct opinions. Let it go.

In fact, you should fuck off completely. (You’re just as insufferable as she is for thinking it’s your place to whine about your personal politics on her cartoonishly trivial YouTube beauty channel.)

We live in a world brimming with ignorance and insensitivity. Learn to pick your fucking battles already.


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