On a ridiculous predicament.

So, I got myself in a ridiculous predicament. See, I’m gay, but I’m not out yet, which is hard enough as it is, but I’ve got a huge crush on this guy and I can’t really figure out how to navigate the situation. The thing is, I’m his tutor, so I have to see him three times a week no matter what; also, if he were to say no, I could get in a lot of trouble (I can’t afford to get fired). I also don’t know if he’s gay and he’s really hard to read. What do I do?

Shut the fuck up and do your job. It is entirely inappropriate to put a move on someone under your tutelage. He can hit on you, but not the other way around.

If you’re still crushing when the gig is over, feel free to let him know then, but only after the tutor/student relationship has come to a conclusion, and if you’re smart, only after you’re sufficiently sure that he’s gay.

Come on, man. Getting fired for making sexual advances toward a student is no way to come out of the closet.


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