On going mainstream.

I feel that you’re trying to push the “coke talk” costume a little too hard. Don’t get me wrong or nothing, I am a huge fan and spend hours reading the “in your face advice” that you give like some form of agoraphobic, anti socialite. It just seems like you’re trying to become a little too main stream and want some form of zombie cult worshipping you wherever they are from. But that is the beauty of you, you’re not mainstream and you’re not popular (I say not popular but you’ve got X amount of fans) I love the fact that you’re behind the scenes and only we know you, if everyone got wind of you then I’m sure it would go wrong and mainstream and I wouldn’t want to follow you. (Although saying that I am addicted to you like the coke you go on about) NEVER CHANGE AND DON’T BECOME MAINSTREAM (Cliche or what)

Don’t worry, hipster kitty. I’ll be your best kept secret forever and ever.

As for your bad pitchfork review, may I remind you that the only mainstream zombie cult is the catholic church, and Halloween is just one stupid night of candy and fun. Lighten the fuck up.

Let’s all remember never to take any of this shit seriously, okay?


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