On a shitty professor

Okay, so we were talking about marriage and what it means in class today. The professor is of the opinion that if two men or two women can be legally married, then why can’t we permit a marriage between two sisters or between father and son? My first reaction was a categorical “no”, but then I thought, why not indeed? I’m confused.

You’re confused because you’re an idiot, but then again, so is your professor.

How is it possible that the entire class didn’t immediately raise their hands to challenge professor wingnut with one simple question: If men and women can be legally married, then why don’t we currently permit marriage between a father and daughter or brother and sister?

Any answer he gives proves him a lunatic or a hypocrite. Either way, checkmate. All you had to do was use his own retarded argument against him. His logic crumbles the moment you apply heteronormative standards to his hypothetical, because it’s ridiculous to correlate incest and homosexuality.


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