On a small world.

I met this amazing guy about two weeks ago when he first moved to LA. We have been hanging out about every other day since, so things just happened quickly and I really like him. He says he likes me too . During one of our dates it came up in conversation how odd it is that we two white people are dating because I usually go for Latino guys and he usually goes for Asian girls. So, it seems his only friend in my city is an Asian girl, who he went to Venice beach with, cooked curry with when she went to his house to use his laundry machine, and is going out in Hollywood with tonight with her friends. He says he isn’t seeing anyone else, but am I being paranoid to wonder about this friend? I mean I know people have friends of the opposite sex, but honestly how rare is it that you spend one on one time with a friend of the opposite sex and it doesn’t go anywhere? Especially when he’s gorgeous and likes Asian girls. I want to be trusting but honestly I’m a little worried. I guess I just have to put myself out there and hope for the best, and if it doesn’t work out then I need to accept the bad cheating karma I think I have coming my way? Ugh I have not been this excited about a guy in a long time and he said he feels the same way. I’m loving finally getting swept off my feet but I’m worried he’s this charming with his friend too. Any advice?

Oh, you’re dating Trevor? Yeah, he’s not new to LA. He just moved from Venice Beach to Hollywood. Total player. Hot as fuck. He’s got Asian bitches lined up around the block.

Have fun.


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