On taking care

I was “A Girl With Real Problems” a few months ago, and I wanted to give you an update since the time that you answered my cry for help.

My dad used the whole “you’re under 18 and therefore what I say goes” thing on me and stopped me from getting on medication, but I recently turned 18 and was able to take your advice and start the medication for my bipolar and OCD. Let me tell you… it has already made a world of difference. I still have some things to work on, and I need a few more adjustments to the medication, but it already has given me a control on my life that I never had before. Although I couldn’t immediately fix the problem and get on medication right after you answered my question, your kind words and support helped me keep hope when it all started weighing me down.

Thank you so much, Coke Talk!

It’s all you, babe. Give yourself some props. You’re a badass for knuckling down and taking care of yourself. That shit ain’t easy.

Be proud of every step you take towards independence and happiness, and when things get dark, do your best to remind yourself it will get better again.

Keep on keepin’ on.


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