On a soon-to-be working mom.

I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first child. I am currently employed, but am experiencing some serious job malaise. Now, I TOLD myself not to do this, but in a moment of weakness I checked a job site, and saw that an amazing job I’d be perfect for was just posted two days ago. So my question is: how crazy is it to apply for a job when noticeably pregnant? Obviously I wouldn’t get hired unless they have some crazy-flexible hiring schedule, but I can’t help thinking, what if? Help me put my mind to rest.

Help you do what now? You’ve got a half-baked bun in the oven, and you want to play bird-in-the-hand bullshit games with your employment status in this economy? Are you fucking nuts?

I think you’re in a little bit of denial here, babe. It’s fine if you wanna juggle motherhood and a career, but I don’t think you’re grasping the magnitude of how much your life is gonna change in twenty more weeks.

The last thing you want to do right now is give your current employer an excuse to replace you, and even if you got the other job, you’d still be the most recently hired, most expendable person in the room who also happens to be a first-time mom going through the most stressful year of her young life. Fuck that shit.

Come on, girl. The only amazing job you’d better be perfect for is coming up in April. Knock it the fuck out. You’ll get a full night’s sleep again sometime in 2013, and by then, the economy will have picked back up.

I know it seems like forever, but don’t worry. Life is long. You’ll get to do all the cool shit you want to do.


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