On a victim blaming piece of shit

OK, I’ll bite. What would you label what Michael Brown did in the convenience store as? Can we at least agree that his behavior was illegal and somewhat violent toward the store owner? Note that I think Darren Wilson’s pig ass should have gone on trial. Two wrongs don’t make a right, especially when one of the wrongs was way, way, way out of proportion to the other.

No, you don’t get to bite. We can’t at least agree.

Two wrongs? Fuck you. You don’t get to equate the summary execution of an unarmed teenager with whatever irrelevant bullshit might have happened at that convenience store. They are completely unrelated incidents with no bearing on one another in any way whatsoever.

One has absolutely nothing to do with the other — absolutely nothing — and the very idea that you would weigh them together in the same sentence makes you a victim blaming piece of shit.

This is not about two wrongs. You don’t get to frame it that way. This is about the behavior of one police officer who killed a boy out of anger and fear. This is about one grave injustice endemic of an entire system of oppression. There is no other offense here. None.

Anyone who even brings up the convenience store in any discussion having to do with the shooting death of Michael Brown is validating the racist system of oppression that lets a cop shoot an unarmed black kid and get away with it.

I don’t give a fuck if you’re just playing devil’s advocate, and you don’t get any extra credit for calling Darren Wilson a pig. Of course he’s a pig. He’s a murderous fucking pig, and you’re a magnificent asshole for even mentioning Michael Brown’s past behavior in a discussion about the manner in which he was killed.


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