On a small desperate person

You realize Michael Brown had just robbed a convenience store earlier that day, right?

Honey, no. Take a step back and analyze the things in your life that desperately need to be true in order for you to justify your belief system, because those are the things that define you.

You are defined by your need to call whatever might have happened at that convenience store a robbery. You are defined by your need to label Michael Brown a criminal. You are defined by your need to vindicate Darren Wilson in the brutal shooting death of an unarmed teenager.

These desperate things define you, and it’s pathetic, because I know you also think you’re making an important point, but all you’re really doing is revealing yourself to be smug, racist, and willfully ignorant piece of shit.

Now go sit in the corner of whatever small, sad room you occupy, and think about how little you matter.


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