On a wandering eye.

My boyfriend will sometimes comment on how attractive other females (celebrities and non-celebrities). It hurts my feelings, especially because I don’t say things like “oh, that dude is sooooo hot” around him. I think it’s rude. What do you think? Dickmove, or should I get over it?

If he keeps doing it despite knowing that it hurts you feelings, then yeah, it’s a dick move. On the other hand, quit letting that shit get to you. The world is full of other people’s hotness. Don’t feel threatened by it. Celebrate it.

The next time he makes a comment, take control of it. Come back with, “Oh yeah, she is sexy. Wouldn’t you love to see me make out with her?” Insert yourself into the fantasy. Saddle up and ride that shit. Your sexual will is infinitely more powerful than his. Don’t be afraid to let it push him around a bit.

I dunno. Maybe that’s too much for you. At the very least, own the moment by not giving a fuck.

Oh, and feel free to let your boyfriend see you drooling over the occasional dude. Trust me, it’s good for him.


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