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On abortion

I’d really like to know your opinions on abortion.

Personally, I am very pro choice. I think the government and psychotic evangelical christians should keep their laws and opinions off womens bodies.

It frustrates me to no end thinking of how mind-warped and controlling these people are.

I feel that partial birth abortions and having the procedure after a certain amount of time is wrong and very harmful, however i do not feel that a zygote has a brain and soul…

Making the decision to have an abortion is one no woman should ever have to make but i’m thankful that if we do, we can. we can get all the care and counseling we need.

Pro-choice? Fuck that. I’m pro-abortion.

Sure, women should always have the right to choose. That’s a given. For most pro-choice people, that’s enough. Not me. I go further.

I don’t stop at just making the shit legal. I want it to be free, safe, and readily available. And not just abortions. All family planning services. I want school nurses handing out morning-after pills like they were Skittles. Hell, I wish they’d start putting Yaz in the Diet Coke.

Seriously, whatever it takes to stop every last unwanted pregnancy, and maybe even a few of the “wanted” ones. (I’m looking at you, Bristol Palin.)


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