On acetone.

Having only done cocaine 4-5 times, I was curious to know if it would be wise to do an acetone wash to cut out all of the adulterants in my coke. I have no tolerance for coke, so I didn’t know if the purity of it would be too much to handle, even though I believe I’ve read before that cocaine overdoses aren’t as common as anti-drug advocates like to say. Sorry if this post comes off as ignorant, but I would rather do my stuff responsibly than put myself into a bad situation. Thanks

— Dan

First of all dude, I’m a party girl from LA — acetone if for removing fingernail polish, not getting all Mr. Wizard with my stash. How ‘bout you find a dealer with better shit?

Secondly, if you don’t have any tolerance for a chemical, why are you doing it? Weed turns me into a paranoid little spider monkey — so you know what? I don’t smoke it!


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