On my television shows.

Hello, your blog is lovely and humorous. Its even funnier when people get upset over it (like miss too many question marks kid) Anyway, what shows do you watch? I feel like you’d be a Sex and The City lover, but i could be wrong.

— Lucy Skies

Okay. I’ll admit it. I’ve seen every episode of Sex and the City several times. What can I say? That show came along and dominated the zeitgeist of my early twenties.

These days, I can turn on Bravo pretty much any hour of the day and not have to change the channel, especially now that Top Chef is into its new season.

If I’m in the mood for top-shelf television, I’ll flip over to Showtime. Nurse Jackie is my favorite new show. Weeds is great, and I can’t wait for Californication and Dexter to start back up later this month.


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