On polyamory

So, you’re into the whole polyamory thing. It’s something I also find interesting, though because of my virginstatus (I’m a late bloomer, college student) , I can’t tell you I whole heartedly agree. I’ve seen marriages in my family fall apart, several times related to cheating. Do you agree with polyfidelty? To me, that sounds like a hidden form of monogamy. Sorry if I’m off here, just tell me if I completely failed and you’re into traditional swinging.

— juan t.

No. I am not into the whole polyamory thing. That’s a politically correct label assigned to an elitist subculture dominated by creepy neo-hippies who aren’t charismatic enough to become fully-fledged cult leaders. And polyfidelity? I had to google that ridiculous shit.

People who need to “identify” via their sexuality annoy me. Truth be told, I find that people who build their identity around any external institution — be it a sports team, a religion, or an alternative lifestyle — are weak minded and lack personality.

Can’t it just be enough that I enjoy getting fucked by fun and interesting people?


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