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On achieving your stupid fantasies

Will I achieve my dreams of becoming what I’m passionate about which is being a Singer/Model/Dancer/Actor even tho I’m completely unsupported by my parents both morally and financially, because their totally against it should i give up is it worth carrying on and pursuing this dream or should i just give up.


You are never going to be a professional singer/model/dancer/actor. That’s not even a thing. In fact, you will never achieve your dreams if all they are is ridiculous fantasies.

You are not passionate about singing, modeling, dancing, and acting. You’re just a silly child who’s fascinated by the idea of fame, and your parents are right not to provide moral or financial support for your self-absorbed fantasy of becoming a singer/model/dancer/actor.

I’m sure your parents are intimately aware of what was obvious to me after reading what you consider to be just one sentence: you’re an idiot. They’re not going to tell you you’re an idiot because they love you, but to their credit, they’re also not going to encourage your idiocy.

Let me tell you a secret I’ve learned from all my years in Los Angeles. People who use slashes in their self-bestowed titles are losers. Always. Every time, with no exceptions. The more slashes, the bigger the loser. The most common form is model/actress, and they’re bad enough, but when you start adding singer/dancer/whatever into the mix, shit starts getting insufferable.

Do not become one of these sad, pathetic losers.

If you have a dream (not a fantasy) of becoming a performer of some kind, and that dream is backed up with a shit-ton of talent and a burning passion to dedicate your life to perfecting your craft, and you’re willing to spend years broke and hungry while paying your dues, grinding your way through mountains of bullshit, avoiding all the pitfalls and predators, getting your ass kicked repeatedly to maybe one day have enough blind fucking luck to get a shot at earning a meager living doing what you love, then there’s a outside chance that it might be possible for you to become a singer. Or maybe an actor. Probably not a dancer, and definitely not a model.

Point is, you can pick one. Just one. Get rid of the slashes. No one will ever take you seriously until you do, and even then, whatever stupid fame-whore dream you have is almost definitely not going to come true, even if you devote your life to it.

Oh, and if any of this seems harsh, it only further proves my point that you’re a silly child who doesn’t know the difference between a dream and a fantasy.

I’d tell you good luck, but I really don’t think it’s gonna matter.


4 thoughts on “On achieving your stupid fantasies

  1. Being a professional singer/model/dancer/actor is a real thing, but unfortunately it’s not a good thing to be. It’s the don’t-quit-yer-day-job hardscrabble for any part, any gig, any role, no matter how small, no matter how insignificant the company; clinging to the very bottom of the performance-arts food-chain. A few – a very few – have the talent, drive and luck to move up to a career without slashes, even if many of them still can’t afford to quit their day jobs. The rest quietly drop out once they’ve grown up enough to see the folly of their childish dreams of fame and fortune.

    There’s nothing wrong with children having childish dreams. If this kid really wants voice, dance, acting and modeling classes, and her parents won’t pay for them, perhaps she can find a way to earn them for herself, or audition for scholarships. If she doesn’t have what it takes, she’ll find that out soon enough.

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