On supporting your children

Whoa, back up here, please.

Parents need to support their children all the way. I’m not talking about financially spoiling them. I’m talking about helping their child to see that trying and failing is nothing that will kill you. They need to get behind their child and help them see how to focus. While you are almost definitely right on the nose with slashes, I feel you’re off the mark with support. This girls problem is that she’s unrealistic, not that her parents should or shouldn’t support her. Either her mom or dad should google her some auditions and give her some bus fare.

Um, no. Parents should love their children unconditionally. Supporting them unconditionally is how you get narcissistic monsters high on their own self-esteem.

The childish desire to be a singer/model/dancer/actor might be cute (if not annoying) in a seven year old, but it’s a glaring fucking character flaw in a seventeen year old.

Encouraging your children to pursue their interests is one thing, but don’t confuse developing their talents for indulging their egos. Getting your little girl dance or voice lessons is completely different from allowing her to grow up with some unspecified craving for celebrity.

It’s not like this kid is a C student with unrealistic dreams of getting into medical school. This is a fame-obsessed twit with the pathological desire to be the center of every stage.

Point is, there are dreams you get behind and help your child try even if they fail, and there are fantasies that simply just should not be supported.


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