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I’m currently writing a book about millennial drug culture… this isn’t some “poor little rich girl” Cat Marnell-style name-drop fest either. I’m trying to really dig deep into my experiences as a festival lot rat the past 7 years (and Coachella does NOT count, I’m talking real festivals and real bands). And dig further into the concept that being a heavy recreational user in this era is just as important now as it was in the 60’s, I want to bring understanding that the counterculture didn’t die at Altamont, but lives on as the bastard child of the past 4 decades.

As someone who has wonderful taste in literature and values books, do you think writing a book is a total waste of time these days? I sincerely don’t think this whole concept could be fit into a blog but I can’t shake this feeling that the published word (no matter what its about) is being shoved aside and that this is a waste of efforts.


Writing a book is never a waste of time. The published word is an ever-evolving art form, and good storytelling will never be shoved aside as long as the human experiment continues.

Also, Coachella does count. Don’t be an asshole about this. Seven years is long enough for you to remember what that festival used to be, and the worst mistake you can make is pissing off legions of potential readers by telling them that the bands they love aren’t “real,” whatever that means.

While you’re at it, be careful not to eulogize the 60’s too much. That decade gets way more credit than it deserves. The fucking baby-boomers who were our age back then claim counterculture as their creation in the same way that every generation thinks they invented oral sex.

Fuck that noise. Sure, we all would’ve loved to have seen Hendrix live at the Fillmore, but our drugs are a helluva lot better, and I’m willing to bet that Miike Snow live at the Fonda was just as much of a religious experience for those who were there.

Don’t ever try and talk yourself out of writing a book. Leave the bullshit excuses about the state of the industry for the sad bastards who have already given up on their dream of being published.

If it’s in your head, get it the fuck out. Worst case, it’s a piece of shit that sits on a shelf, but that’s still infinitely better than daring yourself to do it and then never following through.


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