On acid.

What are your thoughts on LSD? Despite my severe PTSD I indulge myself in usually 4 hits maybe every other weekend. I understand this is kind of a big dose compared to the threshold of my contemporaries (mind you, I am a girl of 17) and do you think dropping acid all the time will be malevolent towards my already shaky mental health? On a sidenote— I have always dealt my trips calmly and with common sense, maybe some giggling or a bizarre comment here or there, but usually people can’t tell I’m tripping at all. I have watched films such as Cannibal Holocaust and some Saw knockoff on it and they failed to phase me. So I guess my second half of this question is, if I act completely ‘normal’ on acid, does this mean my slew of disorders probably just renders me a spacecase in everyday life? I think I’ve burned a lot of braincells, I was addicted to coke and speed at age 14-15 and am a recovering alcoholic descending from a long line of alcoholics, and smoke weed on a daily basis. Am I fucked forever?

Daily weed? LSD Fortnightly? That’s some hardcore self-medication, but hey — with all that coke and speed at fourteen you’re an old pro who already knows damn well that you’re frying your skull.

So what is it you’re really asking me?

If you’re throwing around terms like “severe PTSD” at age seventeen, then you’ve seen some serious shit in your developmental years.

That’s a reason for all the drugs, but it’s no excuse.

LSD is for expanding your mind, not annihilating it. It’s a powerful chemical with a rich history and legitimate therapeutic value. It deserves your respect.

Go look up Terence Mckenna and Timothy Leary. Take that shit seriously. Do some fucking soul searching and find a new shrink, because you’re nowhere near done talking about whatever is causing you to numb yourself.

We are all fucked forever, sweetie, but that doesn’t mean that you get to give up.

Turn on, tune in, drop out — go find out what that really means.


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