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OK, so I am underage and ACCIDENTLY found myself in a semi-innapropriate relationship with a guy who is 21. We flirted all summer, he made MANY allusions to physical contact, visited me at 2 AM, and constantly flattered me, we made it a point to talk to each other every day. Then I, being the blunt person I am and having an inability to keep my mouth shut, told him how I felt. He proceeded to tell me it was not awkward, but we have not talked in about a month or so. No shit, it was my fault, and I lost a good friend, but I still cant help but miss him. I try to tell myself how much he sucks..I mean, he is sort of a whiny bitch with no job who lives with his mom, but I think I need some of your hard-ass smart advice to whip me into shape. Im almost completely over it, but can you go ahead and give me your opinion on this? Who’s the douche bag, me or him?

Okay. What the fuck is an allusion to physical contact? Did he make an indirect reference to how soft your skin might be, or did he look you in the eye and tell you he wanted to fill your mouth with his cock and then cum all over your face?

And how underage are we talking about? Whisper about soft skin to a seventeen year old and it’s romantic. Whisper about blowjobs to a thirteen year old and it’s downright criminal.

You can see how this is all a matter of degree.

Also, what’s with all the mitigated speech? You drop an all-caps misspelling of accidentally and then hint at something semi-innapropriate without saying anything of actual substance. What the fuck really happened?

I’m not your fucking mom. I’m not going to ground you. Give me something to work with here.


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