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On advice for the ages

What single piece of advice would you give to a 5 year old? 10 year old? 15 year old? and so on. It’s vague but I’m curious on what you’d find important for someone to know at various stages in their life.

Age 5: Never stop asking questions.

Age 10: Never stop questioning the answers.

Age 15: Don’t take anything personally.

Age 20: Let go of your childhood.

Age 25: Surround yourself with good people.

Age 30: Hustle.

Age 35: Let go of your bullshit.

Age 40: Change while you still can.

Age 45: Delegate your hustle.

Age 50: Let go of your youth.

Age 55: Go do that thing you’ve always wanted to do.

Age 60: Get the fuck out of the way.

Age 65: Let go of your legacy.

Age 70: Give away everything that you can.

Age 75: Stay connected with the world.

Age 80: Let go of everything.


5 thoughts on “On advice for the ages

    • Chris says:

      R – it comes with experiencing the fact that it’s no longer there. I was 26 when it happened, thinking that all these people who called themselves aunts and uncles would be there to help me with stuff when I needed them. I had to figure my own stuff out even though some were in a position to easily help me. I tried again at 29 after finishing college (sad that I kept trying, I know, but they said college was the answer), and I finally had to face that not only were they not going to put their word on the line for me, but that they owed me nothing. Only a child would think he’s owed something from people who’ve already been good to him, and at almost 30 with a wife and children I still was one in this respect.

      Hope this helps.

  1. Chloe says:

    I realise the pool of potential good people gets smaller as we get older and the majority begin sticking with their own friendship groups, but surely, you can surround yourself with good people at any age (panicking because 30 in a week and recently cut a bunch of toxicity out of my life).

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