On street harassment

As you may have noticed, LA is heating up for the summer. Shockingly, I’m wearing warm weather clothing as a result, and the constant, aggressive catcalls are really getting me down. I’ve gotten seven in the past four days, including one guy who thought it was cool to put his hands on me. The worst ones are the assholes in cars who I can’t even respond to before they’re gone. The dehumanization is really fucking me up, and seeing as I’m not going to start wearing parkas around town in this triple digit heat, I need to figure out how to cope with these kinds of encounters. Do you have any advice?

I’ve replied to similar questions in the past with simply, “Shoot them in the face,” and while that answer is deeply gratifying to fantasize about, it doesn’t actually do anyone any good.

So, in the spirit of doing something deeply gratifying, I want you all to start recording these assholes. The next time some misogynistic fuckwit starts catcalling, whip out your camera phone and snap his fucking picture.

Take photos. Shoot video. Whatever works, just document as much as you can without jeopardizing your safety, and then submit the photos or video here along with a detailed description of the incident.

If I get enough submissions, I’ll start regularly publishing them, and through a delicious blend of social media and karmic retribution, we can take the power away from street harassers by openly shaming them on the internet.


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