On an eventful night

I went out drinking with some friends last night. It was eventful, and now I have the phone number of a very nice male stripper who is really into me. I looked him up on Facebook (because I couldn’t remember what he looked like), and it seems like he’s extremely conservative (like, I think he might be a GW Bush supporter). I do remember that he’s a good dancer, was respectful of my personal space, and helped me find my friends at the end of the night. Not even sure what my question is. What’s a good hangover food?

A good hangover food is the celery stalk that comes with a freshly made Bloody Mary.

Also, you should totally go on a date with the Republican stripper, if for no other reason than for the rest of your life you’ll be able to use the phrase, “that one time I dated a Republican stripper.”


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