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On fun-sized advice

He cheated on me and we’re trying to make it work, but it’s just not the same anymore. Will it ever be okay?
Sure it will, just not with him.

Will you please comment on the recent media interest in and admiration of the dad bod?
The “dad bod” media trend is just the highly-processed residue left behind after the deeper trend of body positivism was sanitized for mainstream white male consumption.

We’ve been together for 8 months. He wants to have anal. I have never felt comfortable with the idea and really do not want it. Do I give in for him, or stand my ground. I feel so silly asking this.
Whether it’s been 8 months or 8 years, if you don’t wanna take it up the ass, don’t fucking take it up the ass.

Is it possible to overcome the fear of death, or at least not think about it all the time? Or are we stuck with that part of our lizard brains?
That kind of abstract anxiety about death isn’t a part of the same parasympathetic fight-or-flight response that causes panic attacks. It’s your ego freaking out, not your lizard brain. If you’re having intrusive thoughts about death, I recommend working with a therapist to overcome them.

Every time my husband asks me to make him food, it fills me with rage. Is this normal? Or is this marriage?
It sounds like transference to me. You might wanna get a little introspective and figure out the source of all that rage.

Is becoming a sugar baby a bad idea?
Bad is a moral judgment, so I won’t say it’s bad, but if you have to ask, then becoming a sugar baby will probably have more negative consequences than positive ones.

Should I seriously consider becoming a Buddhist nun?

I hate that I have to have my life figured by 22. Thanks, society.
Quit whining. You don’t ever have to have your life figured out. You just have to provide for yourself and behave like an adult.


15 thoughts on “On fun-sized advice

  1. My husband also has an unusually strong fear of death (thanatophobia). His therapist said that she’d had some of the same feelings herself and she dealt with it by deciding that she simply was not going to die. But she did have some other coping strategies that have been useful, so therapy can be a good way to go.

    My attitude is that nobody can prove to me that I am going to die. It definitely helps to be solipsistic here. Just because I’ve seen and heard of other people dying doesn’t mean anything. Nothing is certain to exist except for my consciousness (and then not necessarily in the form I perceive it to be). This helps when dealing with other anxieties in life as well.

  2. apparently crazy says:

    Listen. He wakes me up in the morning to ask me to make him breakfast. Wouldn’t that enrage anybody?

    • Yes, it would. I work nights and go to bed very late and yet my husband wakes me up in the morning to go make coffee and breakfast while he sleeps in. Our husbands are asshole. I think we need to accept it or get a divorce

      • bch says:

        What’s stopping him making his own fucking coffee? I hope at some point in the last three years you divorced the little shit

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