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On angry white canadians

Canada’s legal system is not more just than the US. It only felt like that to the person who asked because they are white, not because everyone is white. Many Aboriginal people in Canada have about as shitty a time dealing with cops as black people do in the US.
Oh, you silly Canucks. Are you guys always this literal? Obviously not everyone in Canada is white. (But for the record, pointing out that your country is 1/16th Aboriginal only makes you guys sound more white.)

Canada is 66% white. Not all white.
According to the 2006 census, 127% of Canadians ethnically self-identify as English, French, Scottish, Irish, or German. I’m not making a point about Canada’s racial demographics. I’m making a point about statistics.

To the Canadian that thinks we have a justice system: We don’t. It’s just that our Michael Browns come in the form of missing and murdered first nations women. Also, we are all white only in the sense that we’re literally covered in snow.
Yes, you are right. (And hey, there’s that wacky sense of humor you Canadians are famous for.)

I grew up in Winnipeg, the murder and crime capital of Canada. Winnipeg has the highest concentration of urban Aboriginals in the country, one of the highest levels of poverty, and electric racial tension. Anyone who comes from Winnipeg is very well acquainted with what racism looks like, and we’re not blind to the evils of our system or the people who suffer because of it. We’re working on it.

Oh, racial tensions in Winnipeg have electricity now? Congratulations. Pretty soon they’ll have cable television and the internet. Keep working on it!

Only an ignorant American pig thinks all Canadians are white. We’re better than you, and it shows.
You need to relax. Go make some syrup or something.


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