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On holiday fun-sized advice

What are your thoughts on the Grand Jury ruling on Darren Wilson?
At the very least, Robert McCulloch’s handling of the Wilson grand jury amounts to prosecutorial misconduct. Not only is Darren Wilson a murderer, but an entire statewide political machine is an accessory after the fact, and if federal officials bothered to investigate, they’d probably be able to make a conspiracy case all the way up to Governor Nixon’s office.

It makes me very sad that the US has a legal system instead of a justice system. I live in Canada and one of the only things that makes me want to stay here is that I legitimately believe we have a justice system instead of a legal system.
No, what you have in Canada is also a legal system. It feels like a justice system because all of you are white.
Please tell me one day justice will truly be served.
Don’t ask me to lie to you.

Can you explain why a woman should be bothered if a guy pays for “only” half an abortion? Aren’t both partners equally responsible?
Oh, both partners should be equal? Is the guy also undergoing the physical and emotional trauma of an invasive medical procedure on his reproductive organs? No, he isn’t, so fuck your simple-minded notion of equality. Paying for the abortion doesn’t even bring the guy close to being equal, but it’s a reasonable thing to expect under the usual circumstances. (Quite fucking frankly, the cost of an abortion doesn’t even come close to one month’s worth of child support, so the average guy should really just know to shut the fuck up lay down his credit card.)

My friend thinks that society isn’t run by men because women control sex and reproduction by selecting who to sleep with. Why is he wrong?
Tell your idiot friend that just because he isn’t getting laid whenever he wants, that doesn’t mean women control sex and reproduction. The patriarchy is built on social institutions whose fundamental purpose is to degrade and erase women’s sexual and reproductive agency.

A friend of mine (who I boned for a quick second) has a very agreeable arrangement with a sugar momma. They just invited me to have a threesome with them, for which I will be well paid. I’m definitely curious, but silencing that societally-conditioned voice in my head (the one that says having sex for money is WRONG) is difficult. Any advice?
Depends. Would you still have the threesome if they weren’t paying you?

People are boring and relationships are not worth the effort.
You’re a brat and nobody wants to put up with your bullshit.

Why does it upset me so much that we’re born without a conscience?
Because it reminds you that the human condition is arbitrary, fragile, and impermanent.

Will everything be alright?
Nope. Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Richard says:

    Re: Women control sex and reproduction

    For real, we live in a culture meticulously constructed to please the straight white penis. If you can’t get laid in a such a coddling environment then you really need to consider the possibility that you are just a piece of garbage.

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