On bill cosby

Do you think Bill Cosby will ever get in trouble for all the women he raped?

He is in trouble. Criminal penalties aren’t the only way society can make a man suffer consequences, and not every prison has bars. Bill Cosby will go down in history as a serial rapist. His reputation and legacy are destroyed. The fame he used to his advantage all these years is now the very thing that will torture him for the rest of his life.

His remaining days will be lived in a fish tank of celebrity exile, isolated yet permanently on display. He’ll have his fair share of supporters and apologists, but they’ll just be the usual assortment of the ignorant, malignant, and irrelevant. Nothing will stop this fresh wave of public opinion, and whatever soul he has left will be crushed by it.

Ultimately, this will be what kills him. Watch. Bill Cosby won’t make it through 2015, and when they show his face with that Pudding Pop smile during the death montage at the Academy Awards, they’ll be cutting away to shots of stern looking celebrities refusing to applaud.


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