On asking the wrong girl for advice.

I’ve been seeing this chick for several months now. Great girl in every capacity, I’m extremely happy. With that said, for all intents and purposes, I’ve seen and fucked pretty much everything in the past several years and while it’s slowed down since I’ve started seeing her more seriously, it surely hasn’t stopped. The experience of seeing other girls has shaped exactly what I don’t want in someone – and now I believe that I’ve found exactly what I do want.

Just, it hasn’t slowed me down when at the bars with friends. It’s not even that I want to see anyone else (and, I believe I truly don’t), it’s just so easy to take down quality vagina.Will I ever stop sticking my dick in random girls? How? If I continue at this pace and get caught, I’ll surely ruin a great thing with a great girl.

Are you really asking me how to stop fucking bar skanks? Is this a joke? If this is a prank question, I’m impressed with your ability to write in the voice of a monumental douchebag.

If this question is for real, I encourage you to get a vasectomy and remove yourself from the gene pool.

If I ever overheard a guy purposefully utter the phrase, “it’s just so easy to take down quality vagina,” I would take great pleasure in crushing his ego under my stiletto heel and then wiping it off with the soggy half of my bar napkin.

Don’t worry, fuckstick. Your relationship already came pre-ruined because you are in it.


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