On backing the fuck off.

I had sex with a married man. His wife found out, he confessed everything. She and I are acquaintances but not friends. She’s pissed and hurt and confused, obviously, and she has been texting me threats for a few days. Warranted for sure. She says she just needs to know why. I asked her if I can call her, she said no. So I’m supposed to text her I guess. What do I say to this woman? That I’m a piece of shit, & I didn’t actually think about her or their family even once or the consequences of my actions. I hoped no one would find out. I just wanted to. I’m not trying to make myself feel or look any better, it was selfish and wrong, but is there something I could say to help her?

Nope. Back the fuck off. You’re not gonna say anything that will help her. If she demands an explanation, feel free tell her that you’re a selfish, thoughtless piece of shit with no integrity. If she wants an apology, give it to her and mean it. Otherwise, cease to fucking exist in their lives, and whatever you do, don’t add any more drama to the situation.


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