On bad boys.

There’s this dude I totally want to fuck at school. I’m in high school, for clarity. The problem is, he’s from ‘that’ crowd. The group of kids who’re never actually at school, or completely high when they are. He gets in fights all the time.

And I really want to fuck him. I’ve never been attracted to men like him. This isn’t a badass phase for me. Him in particular I want to fuck.

So how do I do it, and simultaneously ensure nobody will ever know? Is it too much trouble? He’s sensible enough to use protection, etc. Is there any way I can pull this off, or should I abandon the notion?

It’s a “bad boy” phase, not a “badass” phase, and don’t fucking kid yourself, that is exactly what this is for you.

Every last one of you bitches think you’re not attracted to “men like him” the first time out. Sure, your bad boy is special. He’s different. You want to fuck him in spite of all the chaos and drama, not because of it.

Yeah, right.

Trust me, little sister. You are entering a world of hurt.

The least predictable thing on the planet is a teenage boy who’s high and violent, and if you’re concerned with issues of propriety and secrecy, then you’re an idiot to get involved with one that goes to your school.

I don’t care how pretty he is, don’t fuck him. There’s a time and a place for getting a little taste of bad boy. Graduate first, and then we’ll talk.


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