On more fun with christians.

“the wrong-headed assholes in the religious right will never be content to live and let live. They’re the ones fucking with my reproductive rights and gay people’s civil rights and everyone else’s rights not to be routinely poisoned by ignorance.”

you seem like one who would like to characterize yourself as someone who doesn’t judge or put other people into stereotypes. I don’t know who you think you are or your personal experiences with people who are “religious” but you lumping all religious people into one category is ridiculous. sorry dear, but i’m religious and i’m not taking away your rights, neither is my mom, my pastor or my religious friends. Your being stereotypical and making anyone who is religious out to be the bad guy. thats like me saying “anyone who isn’t religious is ruining the world.” Yeah… no.

I’m not lumping religious people into one category. I’m lumping the religious right into one category, but since you don’t understand the difference between stereotyping and being stereotypical, I’d hardly expect you to get the distinction.

I don’t give a flying fuck about your personal beliefs, my dear. If you need a messiah, that’s your business. You, your mom, your pastor, and all your religious friends can go speak in tongues for all I care, but the second you politicize your religious beliefs, you’ve crossed the line.

You say you’re not taking away my rights, but with your hand on the bible, could you honestly swear that you wouldn’t vote against gay marriage? Could you honestly swear that you wouldn’t vote against my reproductive rights?

Yeah, no.

Don’t talk to me about being stereotypical, you ignorant twit. You don’t even know what that shit means.


One thought on “On more fun with christians.

  1. Karen in Montreal says:

    And I hate that idea that ‘not judging’ is a good thing. OF COURSE we judge, we have to judge, we judge every day and SHOULD judge. ‘I don’t judge’ just means a) I want to sound superior to whoever just said something judgemental’ and/or b) I don’t want to say anything bad about this situation/person we’re discussing, because I do similar stuff or might do it, or am not sure of my own ethical position on this issue’.

    When we see something we believe is wrong, we judge. But it’s by OUR standards, whatever they may be.

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