On begging to differ.

after reading all your posts, i realized that your typical answer to questions like “how do i tell someone i want to fuck them?” is plain and simple: just fuck them. i beg to differ. it is not that easy, especially for people who are a bit shy and conservative. i am one of those.

i want to fuck this college senior who is probably going to become my graduate student supervisor. i guess it would be an awkward thing to do since it is likely that i will work with this guy for 2 years or so…but that still does not deter me from wanting him. would you please be so kind to give me some steps before actually getting to the just fuck him step?

You beg to differ? Okay, fine. Keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing over and over again until you get a different result.

Also, keep missing the point. Keep letting life experiences pass you by. Keep making excuses for yourself, as if anyone gives a fuck that you’re shy and conservative.

If you want something, go get it. It’s not my job to give you strength. All I can do is point out that you’re an idiot if you think any of this shit is supposed to be easy.


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