On being a prostitute.

What kind of person can handle being a prostitute? I know you’ve gotten a lot of questions on prostitution, but I really want to know what it takes. Can you ever desensitize yourself enough to really treat it like any other job and keep your self respect and sex life going in at home? I feel like in theory someone could but in reality there’s no way they wont come out damaged. It’s not exactly a low-risk work environment.

Sweetie, you’re not going to make it through this life undamaged. Count on it.

Quite frankly, I’m not even sure I accept the premise of your question. It doesn’t take a special person to “handle” being a prostitute. You don’t inherently lose self respect or a personal sex life.

Plus, what type of prostitution are we talking about here? I’ve said it before, the world is full of sex workers, each with her own set of special circumstances. A stripper has it different than a porn star, and a porn star has it different than an escort.

Let’s assume for the sake of simplicity that you’re talking about a traditional, middle-of-the-road call girl or escort who isn’t streetwalking or supporting a drug habit. I think you’d be surprised how common and everyday most of those girls really are at their core. Sure, they’re desensitized to certain things, but the ones I know have more traditional values than I do.

Desensitization is good, by the way. It’s necessary in a functioning society full of dirty jobs. You may puke your guts out on your first day at the slaughterhouse, but after a couple weeks you’re happy to come home and have a burger, you know? Sure, you’re never gonna look at meat the same way again, but that doesn’t change how good it tastes.

The question is, do you want to see how the sausage is made? Sorry about overextending the metaphor, but that’s really what you should be asking yourself.


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