On being a third wheel

My two closest friends, a guy and a girl, are dating. When the three of us first starting hanging out, they had sex on a pretty regular basis but were just “friends”. That was fine with me because I had no feelings for her or anything, but then she ended up showing interest in me, too. Her and I started hanging out without the other dude and I started to like her too. Unfortunately, though, I didn’t make a move when I had the chance and basically blew it with her. She ended up asking if I was trying to start a relationship with her and when I said yes, said she wasn’t ready to be in a relationship at the time. Though soon after, she started dating the other guy. Well, actually, she calls him her boyfriend, but he assures me that they’re just friends. I think he thinks he’s doing me a favor by hiding their relationship since he knows I was interested in her but I don’t know. We all still occasionally hang out but I get pretty uncomfortable seeing them together. I’d rather not lose my only two friends but I’m also getting sick of feeling like I’m gonna vomit when I see them flirting with each other. So what should I do? Continue being a third wheel? Lose touch with them completely? What?

The situation sucks, but you’re not really in love. It’s just an unrequited crush, and you’re swallowing more pride than anything else. It’s not worth losing friends over a bruised ego.

You’re only a third wheel if you act like one, so the best solution is to stop giving a fuck and find another girl.

Besides, don’t you watch romantic comedies? Right around the time you form a fresh relationship, your friend will express interest in you again, forcing you to choose between the old and the new.

You gotta love the predictability of a classic love triangle.


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