On a thieving boyfriend.

im 17 and my boyfriend has a key to my house. when i was flying back to my mom’s, he asked me what time my dad would be picking me up from the airport. while my dad was picking me up, someone went into my house. when i looked around, all i saw missing was an ipod dock. a couple days later, my dad realized his pricey camera was missing. when i was going through my browser history, i happened to see that my boyfriend had a reply in his e-mail about selling a camera. when i got into his e-mail, there were several replies to craigslist ads that he had posted previously. i went to go found the ad on craigslist and sure enough it was my camera..
i confronted him about it, but he keeps denying it. he called me a dick for thinking that my own boyfriend would steal from me. since i went through his e-mail, i already knew that he hadn’t sold it yet and i told him as proof to take a picture of the serial number on the bottom of the camera he has (i really, really wanted to believe him). instead he told me that he had already sold the camera to a guy named randy. i had already seen the e-mail from a guy so i took his e-mail address to ask him about the camera and he replied, saying he never got it. my boyfriend says swears on everything he didn’t do it. i couldn’t bring myself to break up with him even though its been so obvious he’s lying. idk where im going with this, honestly. i just think i wanna know exactly what to do?

Here’s exactly what you do:

First, have your dad change the locks. I’m not kidding about this. Make him call a locksmith. It’s not that expensive to get the locks re-keyed, and neither of you can afford to have your thieving ex-boyfriend running around with a key to the house. Don’t even bother asking for your old key back. I guarantee that he’d just make a copy before returning it to you, if he hasn’t already.

Next, cut off all contact with your now ex-boyfriend. That’s right. You two are broken up. You don’t have to call him and tell him. It’s simply over. If he tries to contact you, ignore him. He’s a liar and a thief. Even if he’s innocent of the robbery (which he isn’t), he called you a dick when you confronted him, and that kind of manipulative dominant behavior is reason enough to end the relationship. If you have anything of his at your place, sell it or burn it. Tell your friends and parents that you’ve cut him out of your life and that you want their help in keeping him away.

Finally, both you and your dad need to call the local police department. Tell them you want to report a break-in and robbery. The cops will be lazy douchebags, but make them come out and file a report. Give them all the details, including who you think did it. Don’t expect much of a follow-up investigation, but keep a copy of the police report on file.

There’s no need to waste energy trying to recover the stolen property. I promise it’s not worth it. Consider it a hard lesson, cut your losses, and just walk away. Ending the relationship and filing a police report is enough to keep you from being a victim here.

In the future, listen to your gut. Stop wanting to believe people. Pick better boyfriends, specifically ones where you don’t feel the need to go through their e-mail.

Be strong and good luck.


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