On being ignorant.

In reference to your recent ‘advice‘ (If that’s what you’d want to call it), I’d just like to say that nobody can really have a definite answer to the big God-existence-question. Not me, not you, not anybody. It’s not your place to tell somebody they’re wrong when they have just about as much credibility as the next person’s belief on the supernatural and spiritual. That’s all. I’m not offended or trying to be offensive, I’m simply stating that you’re being ignorant. : )

Ignorant? You don’t know the meaning of the word.

For instance, it’s ignorant to suggest that everyone’s supernatural and spiritual beliefs deserve some measure of credibility. Once you suspend rational thought in favor of superstitious nonsense, you give up your credibility.

It’s also ignorant to suggest that not having the answers to life’s mysteries is somehow a defense for making them up. It may never be within the scope of the human experience to comprehend the fundamental nature of the universe, but that’s no excuse for organized religion to pretend it has a fucking clue.

Finally, it’s ignorant to suggest that it’s not my place to tell people they’re wrong. You know what I do here, bitch. This is my advice column. It’s literally my place to tell people they’re wrong.

Speaking of which, it’s time for your spanking. Listen up, kiddo, because you’re angry in all the wrong places. There aren’t enough smiley face emoticons in the world to hide the fact that you are a seething, passive-aggressive little cunt just like your mom.

If you want to live a happier life, you really need to let some of that poison out of your heart. I know you’re far too repressed to write actual hate mail, but for your own sake you might want to try and send me some.

Whatever it takes not to waste one more second of your life wagging your finger in other people’s faces.

Trust me, it’s the one thing about you that your friends can’t stand.


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