On being jerked around

Ok well my boyfriend broke up with me a month ago because his depression made him feel he wasn’t able to fully commit to a relationship. Now after we broke up I’ve talked to two guys and he’s become very jealous. He and I still talk very much. Now I really like this new guy, but not to date just like fool around with because Im single. This dude is leaving in one month to the marines so I know its nothing serious. But I am in love with my ex, and he claims that we might go out again after he sorts through his depression. Now should I give up a chance at fun for a month with this new guy (and any other future possible guys really) just to wait for this dude that I think I love?

His depression made him feel like he wasn’t able to fully commit? Wow. Fuck that guy. Fuck him right in the face.

The second I smell that kind of bullshit on a dude’s breath, I kick his punk ass to the curb. I recommend you do the same, regardless of whether you think you still love him.

The bastard didn’t want to be with you, plain and simple. The least he could’ve done was sack up and shoot you straight, but no, his serotonin levels were to blame. The depression made him do it. Right. Like he had a gun to his head when he broke up with you. What a douche.

He’s such a monumental pussy that he wouldn’t even take ownership of his own emotions, and now, when he reacts out of petty jealousy, you’re ready to go in for another round of his mealy-mouthed half-assery?

Wake up, bitch. You’re being jerked around.


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