On being lovestoned.

I was engaged to a complete ass whipe 3 months ago.  We obviously ended it.  In that time I’ve been meeting new people and have found someone amazing.  Its been only 3 weeks, a very short amount of time, but we’ve dropped the L bomb on each other.  Is that too soon, even if we can’t deny that we do love each other?

You’re a fucking child. I mean that in the nicest way, but you are. I’m not saying you’re stupid. For all I know you’re excellent at math, but you have the emotional intelligence of a twelve year old.

You were engaged to be married three months ago, and now, three weeks into a new relationship, you’re telling a completely different person that you love them. This isn’t about dropping the L word too soon. This is about you assuming to have the slightest clue what love is.

Your former fiance was an asshole. Fine. Whatever. Why did you agree to marry him in the first place? Let me guess, at the time you were in looove with him. Even if you weren’t, that still demonstrates your incredibly poor decision making abilities when it comes to relationships.

Cut to today, and you’re dropping love bombs like it ain’t no thing in a rebound romance that started right around the time the World Cup ended. What the fuck? Do you really think this is love? Really?

Well, it’s not. You’re just a bitch in heat. You’re high on a drug. Whenever you catch a whiff of your new boy toy, your brain floods with dopamine like you just did a line of really good blow.

Yeah, it feels great. Fine. Whatever. You’re on the rebound and you should feel free to enjoy yourself, but get a fucking grip. What you’re experiencing is a short-term neurochemical response, not the L word.


One thought on “On being lovestoned.

  1. Connie says:

    The infatuation or honeymoon period is just when your excitement hasn’t yet been ruined by finding out something about them that you don’t like

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