On being terminated


Tumblr terminated the coketalk account this morning. Again.

After the last time this happened, I made a separate backup account over at killcoketalk, but they deleted that too.

I’ll be blogging from notcoketalk until I figure out what’s next.


5 thoughts on “On being terminated

  1. Ashley says:

    why was your tumblr account deleted? are they fucking nuts? I’m glad you have a backup system though, smart thinking 🙂

    thanks so much for writing all these years, I’ve been following for years now, you make my life better 😀

  2. Margareta says:

    Coquette, are all old blogposts gone for real now? I don’t know what to do if they are (of course I do). Regardless, your writing, when in your free-flow, telling anecdotes or simply coketalking without answering any questions has maybe taught me even more than There will be blood if these fuckers has taken your gems away from us.

    • Coquette says:

      Getting Dear Coquette back up and running was the first priority, but I have plans to rebuild an archive of my personal blog. Not all of it, unfortunately, but certainly the original writing. It’ll take some time though. It’s seven years worth of stuff, and I gotta do that shit one post at a time.

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