On being undecided

What if I’ve decided to not vote for either candidate for President? I deeply believe in the democratic system but can’t bring myself to stand behind either candidate. Am I wrong for thinking that I’m better off voting for a third-party candidate, even though ultimately it won’t change the outcome? I just want to be able to stand proudly behind my decision and even though it’s insignificant and won’t matter in the end, make my voice heard.

If you can’t get behind a candidate at this point, then please just fuck off and die. All your hand-wringing and indecision is just a pathetic ploy for attention. You want to feel a fleeting sense of relevance as hardcore believers try and woo you to their side.

Well, fuck you. I’m not gonna give you the satisfaction. You’re a mealy-mouthed piece of shit, and you don’t deserve to make your voice heard.


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