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On being unreasonable

I just told my boyfriend it bothers me that he is constantly either on his computer, his iPad (which I bought him) or watching TV. And his answer was that he’s like that because he’s constantly seeking knowledge and that I’m basically asking him to choose between me and knowledge. I know he’s not playing games but even if he is doing it for a “noble cause”, I don’t think I’m asking for a lot. He said that if we get to a middle ground, I’m going to keep asking for more. I feel like I’m in a never ending argument. Am I being unreasonable? For the record we only see each other weekends because we live an hour away from each other so he stays with me Fri-Sun.

I’m constantly amazed at how often I get questions that are some version of a girlfriend asking me, “Am I being unreasonable?” because the outrageous nonsense coming out of her boyfriend’s smug fucking face is so utterly ridiculous that it makes her question her rationality.

Let me assure you, and all the women out there like you, that you have not lost the capacity for reason. Your boyfriend is simply a self-centered douchebag who has so little respect for you that he won’t stop staring at a screen long enough to look you in the eyes and tell you to fuck off.

It’s bad enough that he can claim to be “constantly seeking knowledge” with a straight face, but do you have any idea how condescendingly rude and totally full of shit he has to be to create a false dichotomy between spending quality time with you and feeding his casual internet addiction?

Please do not believe for one solitary second that you are somehow asking him to choose between you and knowledge. All you are asking for is a bare minimum of togetherness, and if he’s not willing to give it to you, then you should kick him the fuck out of your house.

Your boyfriend is a gigantic gaping asshole for talking to you that way, and I honestly don’t know how you put up with it. Fuck his middle ground. Send his ass home for the weekend, call up all those friends you haven’t seen in a while, and go have some fucking drinks.

Motherfucker hasn’t even seen unreasonable.


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