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On being wrong about reverse racism

Just because white people have always been the dominant cultural group in most societies does not mean that reverse racism doesn’t exist. If you look at this as an example; a white couple get told they “don’t belong” in an Asian restaurant, that is discrimination against a ‘race’ or group of people in society, which is “by definition” racism. So, yes, reverse racism does exist and white people do experience discrimination and segregation, just not to the horrifying extent that black people, and people of other races have and still do. Racism doesn’t have to be institutionalised or on a mass scale to be classed as racism.

Stop. Just stop. You’re wrong about this. So, so wrong.

A white couple in America being told they don’t belong in an Asian restaurant is not an example of racism. At best, it’s an example of racial discrimination. (Most likely, though, it’s an example of a white couple acting like assholes.)

Racial discrimination is not the same thing as racism. They are interrelated concepts, but they have separate definitions. People trying to color the world with eight fucking crayons often get confused at the distinction, but those of us who came to class with a Crayola 64-Pack understand that actual racism involves more than just anecdotal instances of racial discrimination.

Actual racism involves a system of race-based group privilege, and not to break it off in your ass, but your assertion that “white people have always been the dominant cultural group in most societies” is the real example of racism here.

Do you have any idea how ridiculously privileged that statement is? The fact that you’re capable of saying something that stupid while trying to define reverse racism is evidence of how insidious the real thing can be.

Disagree with me all you want. Feel free to keep throwing around a bullshit term like “reverse racism” as if it actually means something, but you’re fucking wrong about this — semantically, conceptually, and motherfucking spiritually — you’re just plain wrong.


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