On a semantic fight

“Actual racism involves a system of race-based group privilege”

If I wanted to say that “Bicycle” means a three wheeled vehicle, it wouldn’t matter how many people I got to agree with me. The word still means the two wheeled vehicle concept that is attached to it.

Racism, means discrimination based on race. Adding another wheel doesn’t change what the word means, it just means you’re using it wrong.

Just because it props up your philosophy, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Whatever, fucknuts. The concept of race-based group privilege is literally Sociology 101. Just because you don’t have a college freshman level understand of racism, that doesn’t mean the bicycle has three wheels. It means you’re trying to play checkers on a chessboard.

That’s fine. Your colloquial connotation of racism isn’t necessarily false. It’s a simple and safe way for children to learn, but if you wanna get into a semantic fight with someone like me, you’d better come correct with more than a fucking wiffle ball bat, because I’m over here with a Louisville Slugger.


2 thoughts on “On a semantic fight

    • Alexis says:

      dude, are you serious? go to your local community college and enroll yourself in something, anything right fucking now. maybe you’ll stop embarrassing yourself.

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