Fun-Sized Advice

On fun-sized advice

Welp, that was an easy unfollow. Thanks for your ignorance.
Ha-ha! My inbox is flooded with cut-and-paste dictionary definitions of “racism” from the kind of butthurt numnards who don’t even know what “ignorance” means. I love pissing off all the right people.

Does Barbie really create negative body images in young girls or is that argument as invalid as I think it is?
It’s not Barbie per se. Impossible beauty standards are what create negative body images in young girls, and Barbie just happens to be the unofficial mascot of impossible beauty standards.

I just dumped my long-term bf who has depression and anxiety. I’m 100x happier now. Am I horrible person?
Nope. You should’ve dumped him sooner.

I can trust you to keep it real. I’m young, talented, and broke due to school, and I am seriously considering finding a sugar daddy or two. Any advice?
Quit referring to yourself as talented.

As a recent college graduate with a B.A., no job prospects, and no idea what I want to do, I’m not sure what my next step should be.
Realize how fucking lucky you are.

I’m a lazy college kid who could definitely be doing more with his life but doesn’t. What is the key to self-motivation?

What are your thoughts on the existence of aliens?
The universe is way too fucking huge for our little mudball to be the only one that grows talking meat.

Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart?
Both. (If I’m gonna indulge in fantasy, it might as well be a threesome.)

I would have thought you were above “reality” television.
I am. We all are. That’s why everyone watches.

You have fabulous nails.
Fuckin’-a right, I do.


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