On blood loss.

so. i had been hooking up with this guy for like a month..nothing serious- just friends who live a street apart with a physical attraction and no strings. awesome, right? ya, shit WAS awesome- until i got my rag in his fucking bed one morning. i understand its disgusting and grossly misunderstood by guys, but he clipped me. nothing- no phone calls, no texts…nothing. i took his sheets home, bleached the fuck out of them and promptly returned them along with brownies i made. so i felt bad, guilty as charged.

i know its on him, i shouldnt care blah blah but i cant help but constantly think about how this amazing situation turned dormant because of some bodily function he learned about in 5th fucking grade. what kind of douche cant handle mother nature? and is it worth giving up an amazingly sexy casual fuck??

You can blame your bleeding vagina if you like, but ultimately that’s not the real reason he stopped calling. It’s just the excuse. If he really liked you and your homemade brownies, he’d be earning his red wings right now.

Don’t feel bad. It’s not about you or your bodily functions. Like you said, it was no-strings fuck-buddy sex. He was simply done fucking you, and he just happened to use your crime scene as an opportunity to pull back.

You already know it’s on him, so move on. Don’t look back.

Clearly he’s not worth it.


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