On boundaries.

There’s a woman at my office (the receptionist), who’s really attractive (duh, receptionist).  In my professional capacity I don’t have much interaction with her but I’d really like to find a way to create some without being another creepy dude making contrived moves(I know that’s what I’m doing, hopefully with less creep).  Who knows if we’ll even click… this isn’t about trying to fit where I can’t, but I’d like to give it a legitimate try without boning my chances by being a typically awkward guy.

Pen, company ink.  I get it.  I’m adult enough to not let that kind of shit get to me if it doesn’t work. Aside from not dating someone from work, what should I do?

Aside from not dating your receptionist, you should also not hit on your bartender, you should not ask out your waitress, you should not proposition your stripper, and you should not kiss your prostitute on the lips without permission.

Listen, jackass, this isn’t about being adult enough to not let shit get to you if it doesn’t work. It’s about being adult enough to respect the boundaries of professional relationships.


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