On cautionary tales.

I was around for the 80s wave of cocaine fun. It fucked up more people in my personal circle of acquaintances than any other drug. When I say, “fucked up” I mean: driven to suicidal despair because they couldn’t kick. So, they committed suicide. This, unfortunately,  happened more than once as you will no doubt deduce from the use of the third person plural. I also mean: death by overdose. I also mean: careers and lives ruined, as well as collateral damage on an operatic scale.

I know ex-junkies of various stripes, including booze, heroin, and cigarettes. The heroin kickers, in my experience, often make it through, along with the others.

I don’t know any ex-coke heads. They all died.

Now, I’ve done some white lines, and was able to draw some lines. So yeah, you can be all “Trotsky did it, and Freud did it” (along with a lot of other annoying, teeth-grinding egomaniacs). Many of them survived, and perhaps enjoyed some especially wonderful insights and very deeply satisfying sex.

But to be so cavalier and defensive about raising the issues of its dangers is beneath the general level of intelligence you offer up here (often accompanied by your rebranded Dr. Laura  tough talk. (Seriously, are you Jewish, or what?)

I find your touchiness about marital infidelity quaint and charmingly Victorian; I guess that same Victorianism applies to your attitude about cocaine as well.

You find me quaint and charmingly Victorian? Wow. That’s about the nicest way anyone has ever come off as a condescending prick. Normally, I’m one to respect my elders, but I don’t appreciate being compared to Dr. Laura, so if you wouldn’t mind, please go fuck yourself.

That being said, I understand where you’re coming from. It’s the same now as it was in the eighties. The chaos you describe is the hallmark of drug abuse in any decade, and it’s brutal shit. Still, drug use is not the same as drug abuse. I’ve always been clear about the distinction, and when it comes to addiction, you’ll never catch me being cavalier.

Also, I’m gonna call bullshit on you not knowing any ex-coke heads. I appreciate your dramatic flair, but who are we fucking kidding? Pretty much everyone you know from that era technically qualifies, yourself included.

Oh, and in all seriousness, I’m very sorry to hear about the people in your life who didn’t make it. I know how horrible it feels to bury someone who died too young, and I’ve seen the kind of havoc suicide wreaks on a circle of friends.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to write me back about your mid life crisis.


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