On cheap and lazy

ugh! my boyfriend is so cheap! We don’t live together, so when we visit each other, we usually buy takeout. I’ll order and have it delivered before so it’s there when he arrives and I pay for the whole thing. Then, when I go to visit him, he never has any dinner planned and when we do finally choose something, we always split the bill.

He never says “i’ll take you out” or “i’ll get this one”, his only sentance is “how are we paying for this?”

wtf do I do about it? Should I do anything?

Hey, you picked him. This is who he is. If you want a boyfriend who isn’t cheap and lazy, you can either put in the work to train him out of his bad habits, or you can go get a better one.

Either way, you’re an idiot for putting up with this shit in the first place.


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