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On church and state

Why does the government think it is okay to force the church to go against their core belief (right wrong or indifferent)? ¬†Their core value of preserving life hasn’t changed and anyone who wants it can get FREE birth control at their local health department. The government wants the separation of church and and state and you can’t have it both ways. Catholic hospitals are self insured and provide more charity care than all other hospitals combined. We didn’t allow the church to stop us from legalizing abortion. How can the government force them to go against their core values? Do you really think this is ok?

1. The catholic church’s core value isn’t preserving life. It’s preserving power.

2. Your statement that free birth control is available to anyone who wants it from the local health department isn’t even close to being true. That’s like saying free housing is available to anyone who wants to live in the projects, or free food is available to anyone to wants to sign up for food stamps. Only the poorest of the poor actually qualify for government safety net programs.

3. You clearly don’t understand the concept of separation of church and state. Freedom of religion also includes freedom from religion. The church doesn’t get a free pass to do whatever it wants to its employees in the name of its own belief system. Religious organizations still have to obey the law.

4. I don’t know where you’re getting your statistic on catholic hospital charity care, but even if what you’re saying is true, so what? You’re just making an irrelevant appeal to authority.

5. On American soil, the authority of the catholic church to enforce its core values does not supercede the authority of the U.S. government to enforce its laws. If you can’t handle that, by all means, brush up on your Italian and move to Vatican City.

6. Yes, I really think it’s okay for health care mandates to require church-affiliated hospitals, charities, and schools to offer birth control to its employees.

7. All you bible thumpers might want to shut the fuck up about stuff like this before the rest of us all decide it’s finally time to revoke your church’s tax-exempt status.

8. None of this is an attack on your religious freedom. Feel free to continue being an ignorant twat who believes in angels, demons, and a jealous god.


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